• Mammal Tracks and Sign
    • Detailed track and trail data for 135 species • Actual-size track illustrations in one section • Scat photos and data for dozens of animals The most thorough treatment of the subject ever published, this amazing guide brings together clear track and trail illustrations, range maps, and full-color photographs showing feeding signs, scat, tunnels, burrows, bedding areas, remains, and more, to give a wealth of information about hundreds of mammal species living in North America. How to find, identify, measure, and interpret the clues mammals leave behind—explained and illustrated like never before. Includes essays that contextualize tracking as a developing science continually garnering more interest and participation; included also are instructive anecdotes from the author's work as a tracker and wildlife expert. An invaluable resource for beginning or professional trackers and wildlife enthusiasts in all North American locations.
  • Return of the Eagle
    Bald eagles now thrive in several parts of the country thanks to many dedicated efforts. Published in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy, part of the proceeds from Return of the Eagle goes to ensure there will always be eagle habitat. Frank Oberleâs book captures the grace, artistry, and beauty of bald eagles perfectly.
  • Ionia Conservation District
    Chris G. Earley 128 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 full-color photographs, range maps With crisp, clean photographs and precise identification notes, this guide makes quick and accurate classifications easier. The families of birds include: New world vultures, Osprey, kites, eagles, hawks and allies Caracara and falcons, Barn and bay owls, Typical owls The information on each species is concisely organized and includes the differences between male and female, seasonal and immature plumage, morphs, and distinctive markings. Color pictures and range maps accompany the text. The 180 photographs from award-winning photographers show these birds in their natural environments through the seasons. Comparison pages group similar-looking birds on a single page for quick reference. Hawks & Owls is a sturdy, pocket-sized field guide that will be indispensable to naturalists, students and birders at all levels of experience, from Florida to Ontario.
  • Critters of Michigan Pocket Guide
    126 pages, 4 x 6 full-color photographs This is a state-of-the-art pocket guide designed for kids, but useful for anyone wanting concise information on 50 of Michigan's critters, including birds and mammals. Provides accurate details in easy to understand language; large color photos of each critter; attractive layout; interesting did you know facts; and a glossary. This guide includes hard-to-find details about size, number of young, gestation, habitats, food, and more. An excellent resource that is easy to access.
  • Woodworking for Wildlife: Homes for Birds & Mammals
    Plans are included for: the Peterson bluebird house, bat houses, platforms for the great horned owl, and wood duck nest boxes. Information is offered on 50 species of birds and mammals.
  • Ionia Conservation District
    By Stan Tekiela. Book and CD combo on Turtles, Snakes, Lizards, and more. Hear Frogs and Toads in the wild from the CD. Contains 53 Michigan species of turtles, snakes, lizards, salamanders, frogs and toads. Detailed range maps for Michigan. 145 pages with full color photos. Pocket sized 4 1/4" x 6".
  • Mammals of Michigan
    Mammals of Michigan is a field guide that includes all 66 of Michigan's mammals, from mice to moose. It gives facts about size, habitat, range, young and more. It shows animal signs, tracks, and scat. by Stan tekiela. Colored photo
  • Birds of Michigan Field Guide
    by Stan Tekiela Contains 112 species of Michigan birds. Easy to use color guide. Yellow birds are found in the yellow section. Compare feature. When your not sure which woodpecker you are watching this feature helps you decide. Full page photos with corresponding full page descriptions. Includes naturalist notes and interesting gee-whiz facts.
  • Fish of Michigan Field Guide
    They’re here: the perfect gift for fishermen! No tackle box is complete without this handy guide to fish in Michigan. In fact, Fish of Michigan Field Guide just might be the best catch of the season! Features: • Fish entries organized by family • State-specific facts on range, preferred habitat and migrations • Detailed, full-color illustrations • Quick comparisons for easy identification • Waterproof pages so you can use this guide anywhere!